Korys” is a social care orgnization that has been opened since 1998. Our organization was established by Kaunas City council to provide social care services in Kaunas for people with various disabilities. Currently, we provide 4 types of services: day centre, homecare, supported living and respite careservice. We are working towards development and implementation of outstanding social care at the national and local level. Our team consists of 88 skilled and experienced staff members who care for the clients and their wellbeing. We do our best to provide outstanding overall care and support to our clients. We are also making sure that our team staff members are always looked after by giving them constant support, advice and training . Our aim is to enable people with special needs to be independent as much as possible. We are working with people who have learning, physical and profound and multiple learning disabilities. The main values of our organization are: respect, trust, responsibility, professionalism, simplicity and collaboration. Our mission is to make the lives of people with disabilities easier and more enjoyable. 


 At our day centre, people are provided with a wide range of activities during the day, such as: arts, computer activities, handcrafts, daily skills, cooking activities and etc. Also our day centre has got physiotherapists and occoputaional therapist who are responsible for our clients physical wellbeing. If necessary, clients can get private and group sessions with psychologist who helps with their mental wellbeing. At day centre we do provide breakfast and lunch, so our clients can enjoy freshly cooked homemade meals. KAUNO SOCIALINIŲ PASLAUGŲ CENTRO PASLAUGŲ BENDRUOMENEI SKYRIAUS  darbuotoją kad būtų įvertintas asmens socialinių paslaugų poreikis. Jei yra nustatoma, kad Jūsų poreikius labiausiai atitinka KORYJE teikiamos paslaugos ir jei tuo metu turime laisvų vietų, galite gauti paslaugas pas mus.   


Respite care service can be provided up to 5 days a week at once or unlimited care without any breaks can be provided for 6 months in one year. Often this place becomes a permanent home to some clients, so we make sure that our clients are feeling safe, comfortable and cosy all the time. We treat our clients with respect and dignity.

The supported living service is provided for those who lack the skills and abilities to live on their own because of underlying learning or other disabilities. People who are living here are taught to live independently, express themselves and reach their goals during activities and variuos jobs.

Homecare service is oriented for people who are unable to take care of themselves due to variuos physical or learning disabilities. Homecare service includes all necessary help and support that is required for a client - such as preparing meals, hep with hygiene, home tidying, filling documents, organising activities and etc. Physiotheraspist and nurse also can visit clients if necessary.